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Chadwick Sapenter from Tragedy to Triumph

  • Impact Hub 2323 Broadway Oakland, CA, 94612 United States (map)


Everyone of us has the opportunity to change a life, to make an impact, and alter the trajectory of a person’s life. In this inspirational talk Chadwick shares his personal story of grief, abuse, homelessness, abandonment, nearly being murdered twice, raising his siblings, and entering the foster care system. He takes his audience into the depths of his pain and shares how one person used four little words (YOU CAN DO IT) that changed his life. Audiences are equipped to more effectively engage with their constituents and inspired to overcome the adversity in their life. Chadwick takes his audiences on a journey from roaring laughter and infectious energy to jaw dropping silence. Chadwick leads the audience through his story that begins with tragedy and loss but ends with success and triumph leaving youth and adult audiences standing on their feet, wiping away tears of joy, and cheering with excitement. Chadwick has the extraordinary ability to encourage, challenge, inspire, and elevate every person in the room to approach their life and work with purpose and passion