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Community Safety with Kevin Grant

The purpose of this training is to support community based service providers to learn methods to maintain safety for themselves and for their clients in the community. 

Some objectives of this training are:

  • Staff are taught decision making skills to maintain personal safety.
  • Staff are given resources to utilize when needed to collaborate around safety in the community.
  • Staff are educated on methods to help youth make safe decisions when navigating potentially dangerous factors in their community. 

About the Trainer:

Kevn Grant has 14 years of experience working with groups, individuals and organizations tackling the challenges of making life changes, including designing, implementing and managing State licensed and certified Programs.

Kevin provides services to juvenile, youth and adult parole and probation departments, staff, and clients. Kevin serves as the trainer and keynote motivational speaker for the New Parole Model P.A.C.T Orientation throughout Regions 1 and 2 for the Parole and community service division and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Kevin designed and implemented the Crime Intervention Workshop for the Alameda County Juvenile Probation Department.