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Cultural Humility

This training is designed to provide participants with an overview of the impact helping organizations have on diverse ethnic and racial groups, cultures, social classes, and groups with minority status in the US. The training will focus on helping participants develop attunement to one's own cultural value system through cultural self-assessment and exploration of inequity in our work. The values and attitudes of diverse ethnocultural groups in cross-cultural environments will be discussed. The application of a multicultural lens and anti-racist stance when engaging a diversity of cultures will be addressed. Most significant, participants will be able to enhance personal engagement styles with clients, especially empowering the voices of the silenced narrative and/or institutionally oppressed. The training will include some lecture, small group exercises, discussions, videos/films, and guest speakers when applicable.

Trainer: Leah Kimble-Price, Clinical Supervisor, Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Leah Kimble-Price is a proud daughter of Oakland and eager to serve her community from as many resource points as she is able. A licensed MFT since 2012, she has been a practicing therapist for 10 years. Ms. Kimble-Price is passionately focused on the liberation of Black minds and reclaiming of Black bodies. She serves as Clinical Supervisor to clinicians engaged with Alameda County youth in need. In her private practice, Lotus Liberation Clinical Services, Ms. Kimble-Price caters exclusively to children of color and their families and offers reduced fee services to the children of activists and social justice organizers. Ms. Kimble-Price considers her Blackness to be her greatest asset.