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Motivational Interviewing Skill Building: Practicing Reflections, Catching and Responding to Change Talk


When service providers learn the basics of Motivational Interviewing (MI), the common pitfall is to believe that they can fully implement the concepts and tools into their work right away. However, using MI is like playing a musical instrument, which requires ongoing practice and feedback. This workshop is designed to assist participants who have already been to introductory MI trainings before (usually 1-2 days training) practicing using reflections, increasing their reflection to question ratio, recognizing change talk in its different forms, applying different MI tools to respond to change talk to be able to reinforce and increase change talk, which is correlated to better outcomes. The training is also designed to help service providers recognizing readiness signs for the planning stage of MI and increasing their confidence in general integrating MI into their work.

Utilizing MI can be very helpful with variety of issues where clients are ambivalent about change. MI reduces resistance and empowers clients to take steps for change. Even though MI evolved from experience in the treatment of substance related issues, the applications are endless, including increasing the treatment engagement with clients who are system-involved. In addition to didactic training, videos, and handouts, participants will practice and experience using MI skills through experiential activities.

Learning Objectives: 
1. To review the basics of using reflections within MI spirit to improve application. 
2. To be able to identify and practice different levels of reflections.
3. To increase reflection to question ratio to proficient level.
4. To be able to identify change talk in client’s language.
5. To practice different strategies responding to change talk. 
6. To recognize readiness sings for planning stage in MI.


Nes Pinar, LMFT is a mental health therapist who supports individuals, couples, and families to overcome struggles of life transitions in her private practice in Lafayette. She recognizes the effects of early childhood trauma on how people react and function during all kinds of life transitions and helps them to improve their life quality by increased awareness and improved regulation skills. Prior to her private practice career, Nes provided years of direct counseling services at community mental health agencies in East Bay, supporting children, adolescents, and their families who are part of Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems. In addition to direct clinical services, Nes frequently facilitates Motivational Interviewing, Developmental Trauma, and Multicultural Parenting trainings. She has worked in the areas of substance abuse, community violence, prevention and intervention, diverse populations, multigenerational issues, and child abuse. Nes is passionate about supporting people around cross-cultural issues, specifically related to relationships and parenting. Nes is the Program Director of BAPTI (Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute), has a counseling degree from California State University of East Bay and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is fluent in English and Turkish. For more information, please visit:

Continuing Education

This course meets the qualifications for six (6) CEUs for LPCCs, LCSWs and MFTs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and is provided by Lincoln under CAMFT's Continuing Education Provider Program (CEPA), #133478.

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