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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (Internal Training Only)

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training emphasizes early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing or managing disruptive behavior. CPI's disengagement skills are also demonstrated and practiced in this seminar to prepare staff to safely remove themselves and others from a dangerous situation. You’ll learn:
•    How to identify behaviors that could lead to a crisis.
•    How to most effectively respond to each behavior to prevent the situation from escalating.
•    How to use verbal and nonverbal techniques to defuse hostile behavior and resolve a crisis before it can become violent.
•    How to cope with your own fear and anxiety.
•    How to assess risk levels and consider the issues that impact decision making.
•    How to use CPI's disengagement skills to avoid injury if behavior becomes physical.

Trainer: Walid Assef, Program Supervisor

Walid Assef, M.A., currently serves as the Supervisor for Intensive Classroom Services at Lincoln and is an independent consultant in the medical industry. Walid has more than eight years’ experience working with youth and families in various environments—public schools and residential programs working with students with autism, as well as various social/emotional diagnosis that impede learning. As a consultant, Walid specializes in working with companies to build better systems to increase productivity and positive employee relationships. In addition, Walid has dedicated his time to helping the Muslim community in the greater Bay Area increase its voice and defend its rights, as well as supporting Muslim families with children and issues within the school and home systems. Walid is trilingual in Farsi and German and holds a master of arts in industrial psychology and organizational development from Golden Gate University, as well as a bachelor of arts from San Francisco State University.