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Lincoln provides preventative, individualized and comprehensive support services for children, youth and families who face life challenges of poverty, trauma, behavioral or emotional impairment, family problems and/or substance abuse.

Every child and family can succeed when they have the resources and support they need. Lincoln provides real solutions and help when it’s needed. We go where children and youth are—homes, schools, community settings and treatment facilities. Skilled and diverse staff work together with youth and families to 1) build a plan for success and 2) develop skills and get the support needed to stay at home and in school. With Lincoln, they are realizing their potential, building successful life skills, improving resiliency and achieving greater well-being.
Once we receive a referral for your child to receive our services and eligibility has been established, you’ll meet with a Lincoln team member dedicated to your family. We begin with a comprehensive assessment, and with your input, develop an individualized plan for success with achievable steps to meet the goals set by you and your family.
Your Lincoln team will teach, model and reinforce strategies in the home, at school and in the community. We will help identify necessary resources and help you build a network of resources for the future. We work together with your child and family to match your unique needs, cultural and ethnic experiences, and provide flexible and individualized support services. Depending upon the unique needs of your family, your Lincoln team may include:

  • Community liaisons or coaches that help your child and family learn new skills, including developing effective communication strategies and tools for coping
  • Family partners, with personal experience and expertise in navigating systems, who understand what you are going through
  • Therapists and counselors who connect you with supports and work with other service providers, school staff and other individuals you have identified to meet your needs

Your Lincoln team will also work with you to identify and develop an effective support network and link you to community resources to ensure your long-term success. When the time comes to the celebrate success of meeting your family’s goals, we continue to remain a safe place for alumni wanting to reconnect and stay in touch. Our doors are always open and we welcome hearing about your ongoing successes!

  • Education: Addressing obstacles that impact academic attendance and achievement
  • Family: Strengthening stability and creating permanency
  • Well-Being: Improving resiliency and wellness