Donor Recognition

James Mann Major Donor Celebration
2017 Honorees

On the evening of February 2, 2017, many longtime volunteers gathered at The Terrace Room in Oakland to honor the latest recipients of Lincoln’s James Mann Award. Since 1978, this award, named for Lincoln’s leader from 1957-1975, has annually recognized extraordinary contributions to Lincoln’s work in the community. Mann led Lincoln during its transition from a traditional orphanage to a nationally respected, multi-service organization providing education, mental health and support services.

This year's awardees were Lindy Palfreyman, for her decades of volunteer dedication to Lincoln, the Thomas J. Long Foundation, for their partnership to improve students’ success in school by reducing truancy and chronic absenteeism, and Kaiser Permanente for their corporate partnership to strengthen the health and well-being of kids and families. All three have shown outstanding commitment to the mission of Lincoln and empowering children and families to build strong futures.

Lindy Palfreyman
Volunteer Service Award Honoree
Lindy Palfreyman began volunteering for Lincoln in the 1980s when she joined the Daffodils, a group of East Bay women dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Lincoln. She has dedicated a significant part of her life to volunteering in local communities. From leading holiday projects supporting children at Lincoln during the holidays to chairing the Boutique Committee of the annual Daffodil Fashion Show, Lindy has worked tirelessly over the years in her efforts to support the Daffodils, Lincoln, and children, youth, and families in our communities.

The Thomas J. Long Foundation
Community Service Award Honoree
Since 2003, the Thomas J. Long Foundation has worked in partnership with Lincoln to improve students’ success in school by reducing truancy and chronic absenteeism. With two significant three-year grants, the Foundation is moving the needle for Lincoln's Contra Costa County School Engagement and West Oakland Initiative programs that are helping to improve attendance and change students’ lives.

Kaiser Permanente
Corporate Partner Award Honoree
Since 1991, when Lincoln began electronically tracking gifts, Kaiser has invested over $281,000 in Lincoln programs to disrupt generational cycles of poverty and trauma. From event sponsorship and volunteer engagement to funding investments and in-kind support, Kaiser has been an invaluable partner in our shared goal of improving the well-being of the kids and families we serve. Thanks to Kaiser's most recent investment in our HOPE program at New Highland/RISE elementary school in east Oakland, Lincoln staff has successfully improved outcomes for students and families, and helped teachers more effectively serve and support students. 

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