A Story of HOPE

Brianna, age 12
Brianna was 12 when she was referred to Lincoln’s HOPE program by the academic counselor and teachers at her middle school. Brianna’s attendance was poor, and when she did come to school she struggled to control her emotions. She cried daily, wore a sweater with a hood over her head constantly and went to the front office multiple times a day for support. Creating friends was extremely difficult for her.

Working closely with Lincoln’s HOPE staff over the course of just one school year has made all the difference for Brianna. In need of more comprehensive supports, Lincoln’s HOPE team developed an individualized plan for Brianna that was driven by her unique needs and input from her family and school staff. Through working with her HOPE team, Brianna learned to use coping techniques to effectively manage her anxiety as well as new social skills to begin building relationships at school. Today, Brianna has increased her attendance and confidence, is making friends and has built strong supports for the future.