A Changed Life

Deandre, age 16
Struggling with the impacts of poverty and trauma, Deandre turned to the streets in order to buy food and satisfy other daily needs. Having experienced and been a victim of violent crime, Deandre was shot at the age of 13 while walking in his neighborhood. When he became involved with Lincoln’s CEO Youth, Deandre had no hope for his future. He didn't see the need to pursue goals like graduating from high school and getting his driver's license because he didn't believe he would live long enough for it to matter. Through CEO Youth's unique combination of intensive family-based services and coaching, and guided conversations with parents, probation staff, and teachers, Deandre found the supports he needed to turn around his life.

CEO Youth staff worked with both the family to develop skills for managing stressors as well as with Deandre to strengthen his resiliency and well-being. After completion of the CEO Youth program, Deandre continues to maintain contact with CEO Youth staff. He is now enrolled in school and working hard to graduate on time. His mother and family have expressed many positive benefits from his behavior changes and credit it all to Deandre’s involvement with CEO Youth.