David and His Mom

David, age 6
At age 6, David’s family became part of Lincoln’s Family Resource Center, located at the campus of his elementary school in East Oakland. Impacted by a traumatic migration journey, David was sad and not adjusting well to his new country. Not understanding English, he didn’t play at recess with the other children and wasn’t eating. Determined to help her son, David’s mother Gabriela shared David’s story with a Lincoln clinician. Through the Lincoln team, David and his mom are getting the support they need to build a strong future. 

The Lincoln clinician immediately advocated a transfer for David from his community school to a bilingual dual language immersion school. In working with the family, she also discovered that David had sustained a significant injury during his migration journey, which had not healed properly due to a lack of medical attention. The Lincoln team connected the family to medical resources, and David had the operation he needed. Today, David is a thriving third grader, participating in sports and making friends. David’s mom received the tools and resources she needed from Lincoln’s bilingual staff leaders, and David is now on a strong path toward academic achievement and success. “Lincoln makes my son and I feel like we matter,” says Gabriela, which really says it all.