A Family Stays Together

Kimi, age 6
At age 6, Kimi’s family was referred to Lincoln’s Therapeutic Behavioral Services. Kimi was living with her 71-year-old grandmother, demonstrating behaviors resulting from years of neglect and abuse by her biological parents. Her grandmother was overwhelmed and lacking the tools to manage the behaviors, which ranged from tantrums and assaults to throwing objects and ignoring directives. Unable to cope, the grandmother had resorted to restraining Kimi and exploring options for her care outside the home. Kimi was able to make strides in her ability to communicate her feelings through the combined efforts of TBS staff along with her grandmother and individual clinician.

Lincoln’s clinician collaborated and worked closely with Kimi and her grandmother over the course of a year. During the time spent together, the clinician was able to teach, model and support the grandmother in strengthening communication skills and using behavioral modification techniques to reduce Kimi’s behavior. Through calming techniques and alternative coping skills, Kimi learned to channel her emotions and respond to her grandmother’s direction. Today, she and her grandmother remain stable and together.