Grace’s Story

Grace, age 18
Struggling with depression and anxiety for years, Grace turned to alcohol and drugs for relief. Through Lincoln’s Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy services, Grace found the support she needed and in an astonishingly short period of time began turning her life around in significant ways.

Through a a combination of individual therapy and parent sessions, the Lincoln team worked with the family to manage stressors as well as supporting Grace to strengthen her resiliency and well-being. After six months, Grace completed the program and was moved to share with Lincoln staff how the program had helped her:

“I was having a really hard time, but this program helped me turn my life around in many different ways. They helped me get enrolled into college; I have better communication with my parents and siblings, and most importantly, I discovered different strengths and qualities in myself that I had never seen before. The way this program works is magnificent. I was helped in every way possible and also taught skills to cope with life.”