Milton's Journey

Milton, age 17
Diagnosed with ADHD and exhibiting obsessive-compulsive symptoms, Milton was constantly having outbursts in his home, including physical altercations with his siblings and other destructive behaviors. At school, difficulties in reading social cues and poor hygiene made it difficult for Milton to form friendships. His mother often needed to call the police to intervene when Milton refused to take his medication and behaviors worsened. Through the help of Project Permanence, Milton is currently taking his medication on a daily basis and his relationship with peers and family has improved.

After the family was referred to Lincoln’s Project Permanence program, staff began to facilitate meetings with the family and guide discussions about current challenges in the home and ways to address concerns together. Through these meetings, a safety plan was developed that significantly decreased calls to the police and increased Milton's use of positive coping skills. Project Permanence staff were also able to assist in connecting the family with local resources to meet basic needs in the home and in improving communications.

Today, with the help of Project Permanence, Milton is on track for graduation. He has developed strong independent living skills, improved hygiene and overall wellness, and is making friends. He was recently nominated homecoming king at his school and has received athletic scholarship offers from more than 100 colleges.