An Open Letter to Lincoln Children and Families

Dear Lincoln Youth and Families, 

When someone says that you do not matter, we will remind you that you do.

When someone says that you do not belong, we will show you how you do.

When someone says that you are less worthy because of the color of your skin, we will tell you that you are beautiful and perfect as you are.

When someone tries to tells you who you can and can’t love, we will stand with you in that love.

When someone says that you have no reproductive rights, we will fight to ensure that you do.

When someone blames you for the problems that exist in our world when you are just trying to make it through one more day, we will remind you just how important you are.

We know that many of you are feeling uncertain, fearful, and hopeless about how our governmental policies may impact you and your families in the coming months. Lincoln has stood by the children, youth and families we serve for 133 years, through catastrophes and political shifts, always being guided by our mission and values. We will continue to stand on our values of diversity, integrity, respect, courage, compassion, and excellence in our service to you. For it is these shared values that provides us with a beacon to bring us together as we try to make the world a better place for our children.

Standing with you in solidarity, 

Christine Stoner-Mertz
Lincoln President & CEO