Lincoln Solidifies Its Strategic Vision With Sale of Property

Lincoln Child Center, an organization with a 129-year history of serving vulnerable children and their families in Alameda and Contra Costa County, today announced that they are furthering their commitment to their strategic vision timed to the sale of their 7.8 acre property off Lincoln Avenue. Head-Royce School announced that it will acquire the property, which is adjacent to their campus.

“Lincoln Child Center has expanded its service model to provide more community and school-based services. Selling our property, which has been underutilized as we have moved more of our programs into the communities we serve over the past 10 years, is a strategic move that aligns our vision with our facilities,” said Christine Stoner-Mertz, President and CEO of Lincoln Child Center.

“This move will allow Lincoln Child Center to expand its programs and provide early interventions in communities and serve more vulnerable children and their families through our continuum of services,” continued Stoner-Mertz.

The 7.8 acre property is being acquired by Head-Royce School, a 124-year old independent K-12 college prep school currently located across the street on adjacent property. Lincoln Child Center will remain on the property for the next two years as it develops its plan for relocating its service headquarters and educational programs. Lincoln currently has four facilities throughout Oakland, Hayward and Pittsburg.

“Lincoln Child Center and Head-Royce have been neighbors for decades, and always worked co-operatively. As we looked towards our futures, we saw a unique opportunity that was aligned to serve the needs of both our organizations. The cooperative agreement between Lincoln and Head-Royce will continue for years to come,” said Stoner-Mertz.

“We welcomed the opportunity to work with Head-Royce, as the property will continue to be a place where youth learn and grow. Both our organizations are focused on the importance of providing young people a great education and the kinds of support they need to excel and do well,” continued Christine Stoner-Mertz.

“I’m delighted that we will be able to continue working with Lincoln Child Center to strengthen the Oakland education community, “ said Rob Lake, Head of School at Head-Royce.

“The property will allow Head-Royce to divert traffic and parking out of the surrounding neighborhood, and increase student safety by providing a safer system for drop-off and pick-up. The increased space also will allow Head-Royce to develop new initiatives to enhance our academic program, foster global citizenship, and deepen our engagement in diversity initiatives,” continued Rob Lake.