U.S. Senate Adopts Kinship Care Month Resolution

For 14 years, Lincoln has offered kinship services to all relative caregivers, their children (under 18), the kin children they are raising, and the children's birthparents in Alameda County. Last week, our U.S. Senate adopted the Kinship Care Month Resolution. This Resolution helps endorse the importance of kinship care services and family-based care. For a full link of the full resolution, click here.

In addition, this resolution:

  • Encourages Congress to implement policies to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families
  • Honors the commitment and dedication of kinship caregivers and the advocates and allies who work tirelessly to provide assistance and services to kinship caregiving families
  • Reaffirms the need to continue working to improve the outcomes of all vulnerable children and other programs designed (a) to support vulnerable families; (b) to invest in prevention and reunification services; and (c) to ensure that extended family members who take on the role on kinship caregivers receive the necessary support.

For more info on our Kinship Program, click here.