Educational Services and Supports for All Children
No two learners are alike, so the most effective learning environments support and address the individual needs of each child. For children with unique learning needs, this is even more critical. Lincoln's EXCEL Program (Excellence through Counseling, Education and Learning) provides behavioral supports for students, families, and schools to develop tools and learning environments for academic success through:

  • Counseling Enriched Classrooms: Working with districts and charter schools to provide special education classrooms with integrated mental health services for children with emotional and behavioral challenges. From initial referral to mainstreaming, our team works with students, families, and teachers to build and drive and individualized plan for meeting the academic and behavioral goals of each student.
  • Mobile Special Education Teams: Providing specialized services to individual students at their school sites, including:
    • Integrated Mental Health Services
    • Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Social Skills Development
    • Coordination of Care

A Team of Support
Lincoln's EXCEL program provides social, emotional, and behavioral services and supports to thousands of students on school campuses throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The key to our success is our collaborative approach, working with schools to meet the individual needs of the whole student. 

Our Unique Mobile Model
Our team of professionals, trained in assessment, special education, intensive mental health services, and applied behavior analysis, works with students, families, and teachers to remove the roadblocks that impede access to mainstream learning through a variety of services:

  • Integrated Mental Health Services
    • Therapy: individual, group, family
    • Student skills-building
    • In-class coaching and modeling
  • Applied Behavior Analysis:
    • Functional assessments
    • Intervention plans to meet Hughes Bill, CDE, and IDEA
  • Social Skills Development:
    • uided informal group activities
    • Group therapy and skill-building
    • Classroom interventions on conflict resolution and community-building
    • Coaching to prepare students for participating in group settings
    • Social skill groups with an emphasis on prevention of violence and bullying
  • Coordination of Care:
    • Administrative coordination of contracts and services 

Intensive Counseling Enriched Classrooms
Most of the students placed in these classrooms have likely been struggling with behavioral issues since preschool age, and have co-occurring learning disabilities. Using trauma- and evidence-informed practices, our team works with students, families, and teachers to move students into the least restrictive environment. Our goal is to see enough progress that a student is able to transition back to the mainstream classroom within one year.