Helping Open Pathways to Education
When students can remain at their schools and receive the supports they need, they are more likely to be successful academically, have better peer and family relationships, and build confidence for a strong future. Lincoln's HOPE Program provides integrated behavioral supports for students, families, and schools to develop tools and learning environments for academic success across all levels:

  • Teacher Consultation: General support, classroom observation, and consultation with educators to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems.
  • Student Counseling: Intensive services to students whose emotional and behavioral needs are creating obstacles to their success at school.
  • Whole School Supports: Working with administrators in the integration of school wide culture initiatives and climate improvement strategies, and the facilitation of counseling groups that address common student issues.

Keeping Kids in School
Lincoln has more than a decade of proven experience developing strong partnerships with schools, students, and families, and providing culturally relevant supports. By bringing services to schools, where children and youth spend a majority of their day, Lincoln created resource-hubs that strengthen the entire community.

Our Unique Model
Providing schools with multi-tiered supports along with integrating prevention and early intervention strategies, Lincoln helps students develop the tools necessary to be successful. For those students referred for more comprehensive support, we develop an individualized plan that is driven by input received from the student, family, and school staff. Our HOPE team can provide an array of services, depending on the unique strengths and needs of a student, including: 

  • In-Class and Playground Supports
  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
  • Teacher Consultation
  • Incentive Plans
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Community Outings and Therapeutic Summer Programming

"The HOPE Program helps students to get coping tools to navigate the school environment and to deal with their own problems from home." 
–Elementary School Teacher

"The program has been helpful to my child because it shows my son how to react and sit down and express his emotions ... express himself. Just don't go ahead and get angry and irritated. Just sit down and calm down and see how his feelings are."
–HOPE Parent

"I want to come to school now and do more sports. It also helps me with my grades and behavior."
–HOPE Student