School Engagement Program

Improving Attendance
Students who miss school are far more likely to drop out of school and engage in high-risk behavior or contact with the legal system. Truancy doesn't just affect youth, but also the adults they will become. Lincoln's School Engagement Program (SEP) provides support and assistance to youth and families to reduce chronic truancy and improve attendance in a variety of ways. 

  • Families: Collaborating with families to reconnect them to their communities, and develop skills and resources for self-sufficiency.
  • Youth: Working with students to increase motivation, promote a healthy lifestyle, and establish trust with school system for achievement and success.
  • Resources: Linking youth and families to self-identified supports, and to reduce stressors and issues impacting attendance.

Responding to Families
There are disproportionately high rates of absenteeism and suspensions for students of color, low-income, homeless, foster youth and special education students. Effectively addressing truancy requires commitment and collaborative efforts from Lincoln SEP staff, educators, school administrators, law enforcement, health professionals and community-based organizations.

At Lincoln, our focus is on families who want their children to acquire wisdom and knowledge, have a positive school experience, effectively engage socially, attain higher education and employment, and become active community members.

Our Unique Model
After meeting for the first time, Lincoln’s SEP staff and the family spend between five to 20 hours each month together over a 12 - 15 month period. 

Beginning with assessment, Lincoln staff develops an individualized plan based on the needs of youth and family to address issues contributing to significant truant behaviors. While collaborating and working with the family in their home to implement the plan, Lincoln staff also makes necessary community connections to service providers, and community and school resources. 

Specific services may include:

  • Assessment
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Family Coaching
  • Care Coordination
  • Resource Linkage

Program in Action
"I didn't like going to school because the work was too hard for me. Now I have the support from my school, family, and the School Engagement Program to help me when I feel too overwhelmed to complete my work. Now I like going to school and go every day." –-- Laura, age 12 (school attendance: 79 days out of 174 prior to joining SEP)