Project Permanence

Creating Permanency at Home
Youth who have been in foster care, the juvenile justice system—or both—typically face great challenges as they transition back to their families. Many have experienced trauma, which affects not just their youth, but also the adults they will become. Lincoln's Project Permanence provides intensive home-based supports during critical times of transition, guiding youth and families through four phases of service.

  • Family Engagement: Identifying the family's strengths and cultural experiences to determine together specific community support needs.
  • Goal Setting: Working together to develop and implement an individualized plan of care designed to meet the goals set by the youth and family.
  • Plan Implementation: Supporting the family in driving their plan and effectively meeting their goals.
  • Transition: Celebrating the family's success and strengthening links to identified community supports for sustained stability and permanence.

Successful Transitions
Lincoln knows that surrounding a youth and family with intensive home-based supports is the most effective way to ensure their well-being and a successful transition to a stable and permanent family environment.

Our Unique Team Approach
The most effective models for building stability and permanency engage families as full and active partners in every phase of the process. Lincoln's Project Permanence integrates solutions that come from families into the delivery of individualized services, which are intentionally provided short-term over a six to 12 month period. During this time, our uniquely skilled and diverse Lincoln team meets with the family, youth, and others identified as significant supports. 

After a family is referred to us, they are guided through our four phases of service by our Project Permanence team, which includes:

  • Community liaisons who meet with youth on a weekly basis to help address emotional and behavioral issues that impact placement stability, and provide links to supports that strengthen interactions in the school, at home, and in the community.
  • Family partners, with personal experience and expertise in navigating the foster care and juvenile justice systems, who connect parents or caregivers with supports, and work as a liaison to the school and community to meet family needs. 
  • Clinicians who coordinate care and help the family and team along a path toward stability and permanence.

Project Permanence works with youth of any age who are referred through Alameda County foster care or probation agencies.

Referring is easy. It takes just a phone call. If you are an Alameda County child welfare worker or probation officer and have a family or youth that would benefit from our services, please call our referral line below. Our Intake Coordinator will take you through a simple screening process to assess if this is the right referral for your client.

Referral Line