CEO Youth

Getting Ready for Life and Work
CEO Youth (Creating Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Youth) is a program that prepares transitional age youth between the ages of 14 and 19 years old for career pathway opportunities in their community. Students design, enter, and navigate the first phase of their professional journey through CEO Youth’s comprehensive curriculum of business education and project-based entrepreneurship. We also provide resource assistance with:

  • Life Skills: Identify and access personal strengths, build critical thinking and problem solving skills, and connect to community resources for successful transition into adulthood.
  • Individual Coaching: Receive intensive case management to decrease success barriers by addressing academic performance, recidivism, and truancy.
  • Job Skills: Acquire new skills by learning to launch a youth-led business venture, and through summer internships and pre-apprenticeship training.
  • Financial Literacy: Earn a stipend for successful participation and learn to apply lessons for building economic self-sufficiency. 

Transitions to Adulthood and Self-Sufficiency
Through our Lincoln-facilitated high school program, students prepare for the real world by learning to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace and create jobs that make their communities stronger. CEO Youth makes learning relevant, increases student motivation and self-confidence, helps students set and reach personal goals, and inspires achievement. 

Our Unique Model
Students attend CEO Youth classes within their regular school schedule and receive high school credit for their participation. Internships and apprenticeships connect youth to local business leaders and other community resources, where they see first-hand that making positive life choices leads to success in school and achieving life goals.

Our unique program staff guide students' creativity, curiosity, and energy into learning how to launch a youth-led business venture, a process that expands their sense of what is possible. The primary goals are to increase students’ knowledge and experience with entrepreneurship concepts, develop life skills, and improve their ability to make sound decisions that will positively affect their lives.