Coming in 2019!

Mandela Family Resource Center

Lincoln, in partnership with Bridge Housing and affiliated partners, is transforming vacant retail space in West Oakland into a thriving Family Resource Center (FRC) for West Oakland residents.

A Community Hub for West Oakland
Our new Mandela FRC will be a community hub where children, youth, and families can receive individualized and responsive services and supports. It will be a place for community members to gather, lift up empowerment efforts, and act to propel improvements in family and neighborhood life. In West Oakland, we will work together to ensure the delivery of programs and services that reflect the needs of the community and impact root causes of poverty and trauma.

Genuine community engagement is key to the success of our Mandela FRC. In careful planning to design both the space and responsive programming, we involved community members early through community meetings, focus groups, surveys, etc. West Oakland residents voiced their needs loud and clear, identifying the following priority programs and services:

  • Wellness services and workshops - nutrition and meal planning assistance, fitness, preventative disease education and counseling, and parenting classes;

  • Emergency assistance navigation services - utilities, rent, food, and financial assistance;

  • Holistic health services - yoga, meditation, counseling and treatment for stress, depression, anxiety, grief/loss and mental illness;

  • Adult continuing education - capacity building in technology, nutrition, cooking, languages, social media, and community college enrollment;

  • After school programs - supervised activities such as performing arts, sports and recreation for youth;

  • Academic support for youth - tutoring, college planning, summer school, and math/science/writing support programs;

  • Resident safety - police block watch programs, fire prevention, traffic safety, food safety, and sanitation education;

  • Personal financial education and counseling - credit counseling, budget, investment, banking, homeownership, and retirement planning;

  • Family game night - bingo, cards, and trivia games;

  • Employment training - referrals to vocational and job training programs, including technology, culinary, automotive, and medical;

  • Access to technology - computers, printers, fax/scan, copiers, email, and internet.